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Call for applications and nominations (EHBEA)

Die Europen Human Behavior & Evolution Association (EHBEA) vergibt für das Jahr 2014 zahlreiche Preise und Möglichkeiten zur Finanzierung von Workshops.

2014 EHBEA workshop grant application form

EHBEA is keen to support events organised by its membership that promote discussion of topics within its remit, and offers grants of up to €1000 to fund or part-fund such meetings. EHBEA is committed to rigorous, pluralistic and integrative science, and meetings which request EHBEA funding should demonstrate how they promote these aims. The goal of the funding is to allow meetings that would not be able to take place without EHBEA’s support. Accordingly, funding will not normally be given to support sessions or symposiums within existing conferences, and the proposed event must be held a minimum of three months after the application deadline.

Deadline: 01.03.2014, 17 Uhr (GMT)

Application form (Download, .docx)


2014 EHBEA new investigator’s award

The EHBEA Steering Committee is calling for nominations for the 2014 EHBEA New Investigator’s Award. The prize will be an expenses paid plenary slot at the EHBEA 2014 annual conference in Bristol, UK (6th – 9th April 2014). You are invited to nominate one or more candidates. Please use a separate copy of this form for each person you wish to nominate. Eligibility: The basis for the award is an outstanding contribution to research within EHBEA’s remit by someone near the beginning of their research career. Candidates should (i) be a current member of EHBEA, (ii) have a degree and PhD in a relevant topic, (iii) have fewer than 5 years’ postdoctoral experience, and (iv) have an exceptional track record of high-quality research in the field of evolution and human behaviour.

Deadline: 13.12.2013, 17 Uhr (GMT)

Nomination form (Download, .docx)


2014 EHBEA student grant

Deadline: 01.03.2014, 17 Uhr (GMT)

Application form (Download, .docx)

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